About Us

Res Q Loans (Pty) Ltd is a small to medium enterprise that has been established to assist employees with simple and transparent Financial solutions.

Having introduced a Financial Assistance Programme (“FAP”) to assist employees with short term loan solutions, we incorporate responsible lending criteria as agreed on by the National Credit Act.

Customer satisfaction, best of breeds technology and risk management techniques are our biggest concerns as we understand the challenges that consumers face. We have streamlined our processes to facilitate a much quicker and effective process, so that our financial offering can eradicate problems within the workplace.

Skilled personnel and experience with various businesses, further enhances the capability of offering a world class FAP in terms of payday or salary advances to employees.

This ensures that employers’ financial burden of issuing staff with loans is removed as we align our processes and offering to the employers’ culture.

Over the last 3 years, Res Q Loans has built relationships with various stakeholders from all sectors ranging from employees, employers, trade unions, etc.

What is our competitive edge? A “personal touch” solution, coupled with state of the art technological processes that simplify and eliminate financial stress.

Our Mandate

• Align with the Employer/Stakeholders to safeguard the interests of the employees

• Apply sound regulatory framework and processes including assistance with completion of the Application Form, accurate
budgets and income and expenses

• Capital provision for payday advances at very competitive costs

• Administration and management of payday advances to employees within superior turnaround times

• Assist the Employer and other Stakeholders with this and other financial awareness programmes

• Take 100% risk and management of default payments

• Ensuring compliance with all the regulatory bodies

• Protect the integrity of all Stakeholders

• Simple, transparent, fixed term solution to all Employees that qualify

• Assistance to the Employer to promote staff morale and productivity.

Our Vision

As a company, we are conscious and value the Employer/Employee relationship. We strive to partner with all Stakeholders to ensure a speedy, cost effective solution that benefits the Employees and strengthens relationships between the Employees and Employers/Stakeholders.

Our aim is to provide leading financial assistance coupled with technology and grow the business within the marketplace. We would also like to ensure that our transparent business model gains favour in the market as our loan costs are reasonable and within the guidelines of the National Credit Regulator and Micro Finance South Africa.

We aim to be the first touch point in the mind of consumers in financial distress as our costs are very competitive in the market and we fully disclose all costs, charges and interest applicable.